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Nutritionally Speaking, Bison is Much-Much Better..
Just check out these Bison Nutritional Facts...

Bison has 1/4 the fat of Beef; 1/3 the fat of Chicken;
and 1/2 the fat of Turkey. (USDA National Database)
Bison is lower in fat and higher in protein than Halibut, Salmon,
Swordfish and Trout. (USDA National Database)
Bison has 3 times more iron than Chicken; 2 times more iron
Turkey; and 7 times more than Salmon. (USDA National Database)
Bison has half the artery-clogging fats of soy.
(Study conducted by University of Massachusetts, Lowell).
American Heart Associations Eating Plan for Healthy Americans
includes lean BUFFALO meat.( 2000 American Heart Association)
IMPORTANT CONSUMER TIP:   Most buffalo are grain fed (just like beef)...
So, please make sure you are getting 100% Grassfed Buffalo Meat!
We know the facts
for our Buffalo Groves
100% grassfed bison...
Please see for yourself

View Our Nutritional Summary

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Buffalo Groves Meat Label

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Buffalo Groves Roast Label
Link to the USDA website
Here's a link to the
USDA Food Nutrition
Information Center. From
the (NAL) National
Agricultural Library
choose Publications &
Databases, then
choose USDA Nutrient
Database, then type
buffalo. See ndb 17161

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