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FOOD: It should be natural, not just called natural, but really
natural. Unfortnately, food growers, food manufacturers, and
especially food marketers have that term pretty convoluted.

Food Recommendation: Read food labels and ingredients. Make
sure you know what is in the food you buy (especially in pre-
packaged foods). Look for the best foods (not the cheapest,
as you certainly get what you pay for; but not necessarily the
most expensive, as sometimes a higher price does not mean
higher quality). Become educated about food, or as we like
to call it "Food Enlightened".

FARMERS: Hey, we think they should really be farmers. People (not
huge corporations) that grow food. But sadly, this too has changed
and small family farms are dwindling.

Farmer Recommendation: Try to locate the closest-local farmers &
ranchers, so you can visit their operations. Ask tough questions. Are
they grassfed or organic or all natural? Ask what chemicals they use
or what else they feed. Then when you find what fits for you and
your family, please support them.

BUFFALO/BISON: Unfortunately we don't have any buffalo or bison ranch
or meat companies that we can refer you to, that operated as we do/did,
which is 100% grassfed. There are many ranches all with many different
practices; and their operating practices can change. We encourage you
to do your own research to find what works for you & your family.

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