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Welcome to our Photo Gallery ~ Peek thru & enjoy the view!
All photos shown are the property of Buffalo Groves, Inc.

Permission is required (sometimes a fee) before use.

The buffs
just grazing

David & newborn calf
which got under the fence

Buffalo Stampede
(they can really run!)

Noah, he's our own
Monarch of the Plains

A Very Happy
Buffalo Visitor

Street sweeper brushes
they're for Scratching

Our Wild Bunch (grandkids)

Calving Time
it's the Best Time!

Gov Owens, Marlene,
Ag Commis, Co Chef Pres.

Buffalo Cow (female)
& brand new Orange calf

Calves start looking
Marbled at 6 months

Then calves start
to turn Brown

Marlene marvels at
the Morning Sunrises

David watches the
storms on the plains

Buffalo sunsets
are the best sunsets

Oh give me a home
where the buffalo roam

the deer

and the
antelope play

2006 Snow Storm
Basketball Pole
About 30 inches

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