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Buffalo Ranching Seminars Offered

A unique opportunity for folks serious about learning to raise bison.
We invite you to see our buffalo ranch, but more importantly we will teach
you what you need to get started with a buffalo farm or ranch of your own.
8:00 - Drive To The Ranch

9:00 - Coffee/Snacks

9:30 - Welcome & Introductions

9:45 - Basic Buffalo Information

10:30 - Fencing, Corrals, Equipment

11:30 - Viewing of Buffalo Herd

12:30 - Lunch Provided

2:30 - Animal Management

3:30 - Farm & Ranching Possibilities

4:30 - Industry & Other Info

5:30 - Questions - Answers

6:30 - Seminar Complete

* We try to accomodate your date

* Cost: $750.00 (for 2) for a full day

* Buffalo Ranching Guide is included

* Seminar will cover entire buffalo 101
     ranching program, plus attendees specific

     needs related to ranch & business set up.

* Airport Pick UP (or Drop Off) $50

* Lodging (& Dinner for 2) $150

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photo gallery    educational items    buffalo seminars    questions/answers    buffalo history

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